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Technology of Adhesives

Our adhesives are based on three major chemical categories: silicone, epoxy, and fluorocarbon.

- The silicone adhesives, including thermally conductive, electrically conductive, heat cure adhesives, and RTV cure sealants, provide low-stress bonding and coating with high and low temperature stability.

- The epoxy-based adhesives, including electrically conductive adhesives, high temperature, low CTE, and capillary flow underfill encapsulants, provide structural bonding strength, high temperature stability, and chemical resistance.

- USGlue also provides innovative solutions for optoelectronics with optical-grade epoxies and silicones. They are applied in bonding and potting fiber-optic cables, connectors and terminations, LCD backlighting, displays, traffic and other lightings, upgrading the vibration and shock resistance of electro-optic assemblies, cementing and coating optical parts, potting LED devices, optical replications, and coating or encapsulating a wide variety of optoelectronics. fluids.

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USGlue focuses on challenging technologies in electronic industries and producing custom formulations. We assure our customers the highest quality in adhesive products through a dedication to product performance, reliability, specifications, and timely delivery. We are committed to distinguishing ourselves as a reliable and responsive adhesive company for our global customers.

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In general, our quality range of USGlues finds application in varied fields cross over following industries:
Please contact our technical support at email at: for how these technologies work and how to apply these USGlues in your applications. With the experience of working across many industries in the engineering, our technical people will be able to assistance you with any questions you may have.

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